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Windows 10 on VMware Fusion 6.0

I have a very old Macbook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) and after updating Windows to the current version couldn’t get USB to work.

The following is a small walkthrough to get it to work. It is a small configuration detail but i wasn’t aware enough and spent some time troubleshooting it.

As VMware Fusion reaches version 10 and i just couldn’t justify the upgrade from version 6.

I bought an ESD license for Windows 10 though and wanted to run it on VMware.

Everything is straight forward as a new installation. When asked you should check Windows 8 x64 as your Operating System.

There’s one problem with the default configuration though. The newly created vm will default to USB 3.0, and that will render a non working USB ports under Windows 10.

You should change it to USB 2.0 and everything will work as intended.

That’s all.